Twin Galaxy - Possibilities with Dual Key

Possibilities with Dual Key Possibilities with Dual Key


A newly-wed couple buys an apartment at Twin Galaxy. They opt for Type A for the enhanced flexibility and privacy. This is a 2 room apartment attached to a studio apartment.

Couple + Tenant

The couple decide to stay in the studio and rent out the 2 room apartment to maximise the value of their property. Due to the attractive location, the unit is quickly snapped up by a tenant and his small family.

Family + Tenant

The couple now have a toddler just learning to walk. With another child on the way, they decide to move back into the 2 room apartment for the extra space, renting out the studio to a single expatriate working in the Johor Bahru financial district.

Family + Grandparents

Now that the couple's parents are growing older, the couple sets them up in the studio to better look after them. This arrangement also allows the children to spend more time with their grandparents.

Couple + Grown Child

The children are now all grown up and the eldest has set up her own household. The couple now lives with their unmarried son, who moves into the studio for more privacy.

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Prime Returns for Dual Key Apartment Ownership

Dual Key Apartments are modular units that offer two distinct entrances to your property. Each unit is made up of a 2 or 3 room apartment unit along with a separate adjoining one room studio apartment (+1).

The 3+1 and 2+1 modular design essentially gives you the freedom to segment and share your living space as you please.

Married couples can choose to maintain the separating wall to give privacy to their family members or accommodate them into the family by removing separating wall and unifying the whole apartment as a single unit.

This unique split living space can also be utilized as your own personal office or dedicated work area for SOHO (small office home office) setups as all apartment units are wired with high-speed broadband optical fibre cables. And should you need take a break away from work, there are ample facilities within the alfresco deck to keep you motivated.

Every apartment unit is designed to allow you the pleasure of having unobstructed citywide views with no restrictions on how you choose to rent out your apartments— thus allowing you to capitalize on rental yields.

Twin Galaxy is the premier urban living space that is both distinctive in design and dynamic in development. It epitomizes the spirit of modern living for you and your family in mind.